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Title: "Control" 1/1
Author: [ profile] azewewish (Brenda)
Fandom: 'King Arthur' FPS
Pairing: Dagonet/Arthur
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Dagonet isn't a poet.
Disclaimer: Never happened.
Notes: Drabble written for [ profile] french_hobbit for this fic challenge. I eventually pay my debts. *g*

Dagonet wasn't one much for words. Vowels and consonants felt clumsy on his tongue, made as much sense as sleeping without a weapon nearby. So much about his life was beyond his control – where he slept, ate, the language he spoke, why he fought and whom. He couldn't control the weather or Woad attacks or Lancelot's unpredictable mood swings.

But, when he was here, in the glow of the fire, hands and lips roaming over Arthur's sweat-slick skin in rough everything made sense. Here his tongue felt – not clumsy – but poetic, tracing lines and stanzas on Arthur's skin. Here, there was peace.
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Title: “The Bet” 1/1
Author: Brenda
Website: Broadwriting
Fandom: "King Arthur" FPS
Pairing: Gawain/Tristan/Galahad
Rating: PG
Summary: Gawain and Tristan place a wager.
Feedback: Love it.
Disclaimer: Never happened. All rights belong to Antoine Fuqua, Bruckheimer Productions and Touchstone Films, not me.
Notes: Just because the idea wouldn't leave me alone, really.

If you defeat me, you can keep me )
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Title: “Swordplay” 1/1
Author: Brenda
Website: Broadwriting
Fandom: "King Arthur" RPS
Pairing: Clive Owen/Stellan Skarsgård
Rating: PG
Summary: Hugh, Ioan and Keira take sides.
Feedback: Love it.
Disclaimer: Never happened. All rights belong to Antoine Fuqua, Bruckheimer Productions and Touchstone Films, not me.
Notes: Because no one writes about Stellan & that's a sad thing.

I’m honestly having a hard time choosing between the two of them )
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The rest of the scenes (very late, but I kinda forgot I hadn't posted them) for this scene challenge. Two BHD RPS ficlets, one King Arthur RPS, one [ profile] no__rules and one random. *dusts hands off*

For [ profile] koncupiscence
Josh Hartnett/Orlando Bloom; limes, sweat

Texture of Memory
Texture of Memory )

For [ profile] lotrjunkie
Josh Hartnett/Orlando Bloom; music, pain, dice

Little Things
Little Things )

For [ profile] lotrjunkie
Hugh Dancy/Joel Edgerton; leather, fire, pine

Boys Will Be Boys
Boys Will Be Boys )

For [ profile] lotrjunkie
Jake Gyllenhaal/Josh Hartnett; peaches, box, calendar
[Bad username or site: @]verse

Privilege )

For [ profile] lotrjunkie
Joaquin Phoenix/Josh Hartnett; jump, silver, tapping

Fair Play
Fair Play )
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19 scenes, 4 different fandoms, about 8 hours to write, and the fun I had...priceless. *g* Thanks to everyone who sent me ideas & pairings. All written for this challenge.

For [ profile] prairiedaun
Bana/Fichtner/Coster-Waldau; rum and coke, stumbling

Delta Boys )

For [ profile] mystisblom
Hoot/Eversmann; pain, masochism, obsessive

Nightmares )

For [ profile] dea_liberty
Arthur/Lancelot; fire, warmth, burning

Embers )

For [ profile] songbirds
Hoot/Blackburn; regret

Morning After )

For [ profile] ribby
Viggo/Bean; pool table, balls and sticks

Cue )

For [ profile] koncupiscence
Damon/Affleck; whiskey, nomad

Last Night )

For [ profile] poisondreams
Damon/Affleck; tequila body shots/interesting choice of 'salt'

Eye-Opener )

For [ profile] jadedceleste
Hoot/Schmid; midnight, comfort

Blame )

For [ profile] caras_galadhon
Karl/Sean; Russian, sunglasses

Bargain )

For [ profile] ktnb
Marton/Harry; chocolate ice cream

Addict )

For [ profile] helens78
Harry Sinclair/Sean Bean: watch, twist, bend

Toy )

For [ profile] lannamichaels
Karl Urban/Marton Csokas; Supremacy, quickie

Time To Kill )

For [ profile] lotrjunkie
Karl/Viggo or Harry/Viggo; photo, sand, "perhaps"

What No One Sees )

For [ profile] guede_mazaka
Gawain/Tristan; lacerated, memory

Nursing Wounds )

For [ profile] dork_elf
Tristan/Dagonet; surly, breathless

Hangover )

For [ profile] quine
Grimes/Sanderson; guilt, peace

Friendly Visit )

For [ profile] soren_kant
Hoot/Blackburn; humvee, pre-Irene

Small Talk )

For [ profile] orlisbunny
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau/Johnny Strong; bonded, competitive

Wrestling )

For [ profile] shanalle
Miranda; drunk, masturbation

Cotton Candy )
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Written for this challenge. All are movieverse, standard disclaimers apply, etc.

For [ profile] prariedaun

(Tristan/Galahad) smoke

Appreciation )

For [ profile] lotrjunkie

(Gawain/Galahad) snow, ale, music

Poet )

For [ profile] acari

(Gawain/Galahad) hands, scour, mute

Copper )

For [ profile] m4mitchell

(Arthur/Guinevere) leather

Ashes )

For [ profile] sinister_beauty

(Arthur/Guinevere/Lancelot) desperate, clutch, smooth

Unspoken )

For [ profile] muccamukk

(Bors/Lancelot) bastard

Progeny )

For [ profile] mcee

(Arthur/Tristan) gen

Bed-warmer )

For [ profile] dellastarr

Cold Comfort
(Arthur/Dagonet) icy, fingers, death

Cold Comfort )

For [ profile] poisondreams

(Arthur/Lancelot) no words

Warmth )


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